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With the current pandemic and challenging energy market, we are offering a
40% discount on all Resume Review Sessions.
All coaching sessions will be done via video call.


Finding a new job can be intimidating. We can help. We provide resume review coaching sessions to help individuals improve their professional presentation while job hunting. From crafting personal messaging and ensuring that your resume captures your relevant experience to basic formatting, our resume review sessions cover the questions and fears that we hear time and again.  All resume review sessions are highly interactive and take place via video conference. We believe that you are the best person to describe your experience, so our sessions focus on providing helpful feedback on your existing resume and an action plan for changes and improvements for you to make yourself. This isn't resume writing, it's self-work to help you succeed in your search.​

Our resume review sessions are available for $150 and typically include a brief intro phone call, written feedback, and a longer review call to provide detailed insights and steps for improvement.

Revamp that resume today!
"Iridium provided invaluable insight on how to present myself as a prime candidate for the positions I was seeking. Their strategy is based on using the perspective of HR to extract and highlight the pertinent experiences of the candidates to place them at companies that align with their career ambitions and core values." 
- Senior Project Engineer, Midstream
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