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Introducing Self-Work for Your Work

Iridium Staffing career coaching for energy professionals.
Job hunting can be tricky. We can help.

Job searching is just plain tough. No one is going to argue this point. We have been there ourselves. Career paths often have odd twists and turns that can be problematic at the application, interview, or reference check stages. In addition, who doesn’t suffer at least a little self-doubt during the job-hunting process? It’s these challenges that have motivated us to offer our coaching services and workshops.

Having worked with hundreds of energy professionals ranging from field hands to executives throughout all stages of their career, we have heard a little bit of everything. Believe us. When we started Iridium, we made a decision to be client-centric recruiters, representing client companies seeking employees to fill their team's needs. But we found that we missed the interactions of getting to help people with their job searches if we didn't have an assignment from a client company that fit their qualifications. That's why we are launching our private career coaching and workshop series to help individuals looking for new jobs navigate their unique challenges. We know that there is no sure-fire, one-size-fits-all solution for finding a job. Instead, we focus on the soft skills that will not only help folks find their next position, but help them throughout their career. We believe that having a polished personal message and the ability to engage meaningfully with other professionals is key. Honestly, Socrates probably said it best all those years ago:

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

We enjoy working directly with energy professionals to pinpoint the best aspects of their professional experience and help them relay that information to future employers, doing the personal work needed to build that next new opportunity.

We’d love to be your resource in this process. This is self-work for your work!

If you'd like more information or to register for a private coaching sessions, you can do so here.

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