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Introducing Iridium

New companies are always exciting endeavors and we are pleased to share a little about ours. We (Caley and Whitney Van Cleave) are Colorado natives and the fourth generation of our family to work in the oil and gas field. Our mother Lynne was the owner of a successful energy recruiting firm in Denver for more than forty years. Growing up around the recruiting and energy fields, it was a natural progression for us to join the family business, RTS CORP, which we did in 2011. Two years later, we were pleased to have been named the Recruiting Firm of the Year for the Rocky Mountain Region by the Oil and Gas Awards.

When the industry took a substantial hit in 2015, we both left the company to pursue other avenues while RTS closed so our mom could retire. Whitney went back to the marketing roots that she had developed throughout and following college. Caley began working with oil and gas clients in a professional insurance capacity.

In 2017, Caley had the opportunity to go back to recruiting in the industry, an opportunity that she was happy to seize upon. Then, in 2018, I joined the business to manage all of the contract staffing for the firm. Getting back into recruiting in the energy sector felt right to us because it allowed us the chance to help people and companies grow, something that we have both always been passionate about. Another passion that we share is one for travel. In January of 2019, we took a three-week trip to Patagonia with some of our closest friends. While on a boat tour of the marble caves, we asked the guide what made the water such an incredible color of blue. His response? Iridium. We thought that was a pretty cool word but didn't think too much about it at the time.

Upon our return, we sat down to do our annual goals and planning for the year, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It was at that meeting that we realized that we had an opportunity to start our own staffing firm. The past year has been filled with many transitions for us on a personal level, so we were unsure whether making a professional change made sense. After examining the possibilities, we decided to take the leap. Iridium Staffing was born at Caley's kitchen table over a glass of Chilean Malbec. We loved the name because of it's qualities and symbolism.

Iridium is a rare element that is thought to have arrived on earth via asteroid thousands of year ago. It is extremely resilient and able to withstand highly corrosive environments which has led to it's use in the production of space craft parts, airplane spark plugs, and other industrial goods. Looking back on that first conversation about starting a new firm, we realized that helping people is at the core of who we are as individuals. Our cumulative experiences have entailed a wide variety of environments, through which we have both learned and developed into a set of skills that are incredibly useful in powering amazing things.

So, here we are - Iridium Staffing. We are insanely grateful to all of the individuals who have helped shape us, given us opportunities, and supported us along the way. Our hearts are full knowing that we have created a company that is reflective of us and our values. We are committed to being people-first change agents, always treating others with respect, fairness and kindness. We are committed to doing good business, knowing that what is right is not always the most profitable and choosing the high road. We are committed to having a positive, pay-it-forward attitude that will allows us to be a positive influence in our roles, our company, the community and beyond. As a company and as individuals, we will be guided by these values while being fiercely accountable and agile.

After being in the industry for years, we know the value of integrity and the importance of people. Our commitment to it is our rare approach. We look forward to working with companies that share the passionate pursuit of those values. Onward.

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