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We support our clients in a wide variety of ways, providing help where it is needed. Our clients have used us for:

Human Resource Support
  • On-call HR consulting support (issue-based)

  • HR team advocacy (for interviewing, troubleshooting, coaching, etc.)

  • Existing HR department assessments

  • Project-based HR support

  • HR department strategy and development

  • HR department optimization of process and procedures

  • HR compliance support

  • Employment documentation drafting and delivery

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment
  • Executive search*

  • Full-scope recruitment projects*

  • Sourcing and selection of applicant tracking systems (ATS)

  • Optimization or conversion of existing applicant tracking systems/procedures

  • Talent pipeline strategy development

  • Recruitment strategy development

  • Ongoing full-scope recruitment support

Human Capital Development
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)/bonus program analysis

  • Bonus program development and roll-out

  • Retention program development and roll-out

  • Team coaching

  • Individual coaching

  • Internship program development and roll-out

  • Succession planning

  • Talent recruitment strategy

  • Sensitivity training

  • Workplace etiquette training

  • Personnel development

Organizational Review - Personnel
  • Review and update existing employee documentation

  • Personnel file audit and management

  • Update organizational chart with job responsibilities and reporting structure

  • Develop job descriptions for existing roles for improved disciplinary and termination actions

  • Perform job responsibilities analysis to identify redundancies, gaps, and future needs to meet growth

  • Review compensation structure to identify structural changes for increased retention

  • 360 Degree workplace analysis

Onboarding Workflow Processes
  • Refine onboarding workflow

  • Sourcing and selection of HRIS/onboarding technologies

  • HRIS system integration (accounting, payroll, timekeeping)

  • New employee welcome to organization documentation development and checklists

  • Onboarding documentation (I9, background/drug screens, applications) management and processing

  • Offer letter templates

  • Employee handbook and policy development (see below section for more detail)

  • Benefits descriptions, explanation and instruction

  • Compensation structure descriptions, explanations and instructions

  • PTO descriptions, explanations and instructions

  • Timekeeping explanation/instruction

  • Payroll explanation/instruction

Offboarding & Termination Workflow Processes
  • Exiting Employee Material Collection Procedures

  • Exit Interviews

  • Termination Documentation

  • Explanation of Continuing Coverage

  • Unemployment Documentation Prep

  • Personnel File Closure Checklist

  • Layoff strategy development and deployment

  • Separation agreements

  • Separation strategy and execution

  • Pre-departure job search coaching

Recognize any of the above people-related challenges in your business?
We're here to help. 
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