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We support our clients in a wide variety of ways, providing help where it is needed. Our clients have used us for:

Business Business Development & Optimization
  • Business model development

  • Business model realignment and optimization

  • Process optimization

  • Sales strategy development and execution

  • Capabilities and offerings messaging development

  • Technology strategy, sourcing and implementation (CRMs)

  • Mergers and acquisitions support

  • Business development strategy

  • Business structure development or realignment

Payroll Process Development
  • Sourcing/selecting payroll provider

  • Systems integration (timekeeping, accounting, payroll)

  • Migration to selected payroll provider

  • Payroll update roll-out/onboarding

Benefits Administration
  • Sourcing/selecting benefits provider

  • Program tier selections

  • Defining benefit eligibility guidelines

  • Benefits roll-out coordination with employees

  • Explanation of benefits documentation for new and existing employees

Corporate Positioning & Branding
  • Development of company brand

  • Brand realignment strategy

  • Marketing strategy

  • Strategic communications strategy

  • Community engagement strategy

  • Content creation

  • Website design or improvements

  • Custom video work (branding, recruitment, training)

  • Leveraging employees/clients for brand support initiatives

  • Public relations (PR)

  • Strategic campaign development and deployment

Recognize any of the above challenges in your business?
We're here to help. 
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